Switch Focus #5 – Tee, anyone?

After a brief hiatus that saw us become exactly two kilograms, two wisdom teeth and one weekend lighter, Andy, Ginny and Andrew are back for more Switch chat in Episode 5.

We did, however, gain something in the form of a developer interview, as Ginny chatted to Ashley Ringrose from Death Squared developer, SMG Studio.


Switch Focus #4 – Fighting Talk

Andy, Ginny and Andrew are back once again, discussing the latest news, releases and talking points related to the Nintendo Switch.


Switch Focus #3 – Legendary

Third time’s the charm, right? Andy, Ginny and Andrew are back for another dose of Switch related chat…


Switch Focus #2 – Blockbusters

Andy, Ginny and Andrew are back with the second episode of the Switch Focus Podcast, now available on multiple podcast services, as well as our spiffing website.

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Switch Focus #1 – Rabbid Fans

It’s here! The first ever episode of the Switch Focus Podcast! Read on for show details, plus streaming and download options.

The show should appear shortly on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher, otherwise hit the link below to stream or download!

Join us as we discuss:

  • Who we are and why you probably shouldn’t care
  • Why we decided to start a Switch podcast
  • Splatfest: Flight vs. Invisibility
  • Nindies Summer Showcase
  • Mario X Rabbids
  • Pokken Tournament Demo
  • Severed
  • More mobile games coming to Switch?
  • I Am Setuna
  • (Potential) listener questions