We’re back with another dose of Nintendo news, game impressions and discussion!

Join us as we discuss:

  • Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Dark Age come to the Switch Online expansion pass
  • YouTube creates his own Nintendo PlayStation
  • 13-year-old streamer beats Tetris
  • Degradation of 3DS carts
  • The 10 best-selling games in Japan in 2023 were all Switch games
  • Altec Lansing’s AI Shark announces and retracts a supposed Switch 2 release date
  • Our Switch year in reviews
  • Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown
  • Super Mario RPG Remake impressions



Hylke – @Gear12_Turbo

Rosalie – @LilRecordGirl

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Hylke Langhout


Craig Windle – @CraigedyCraig / Windmills at Dawn


Rose Town – Yoko Shimomura (Super Mario RPG)

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