It’s our end of year episode where, joined by guests from our sister shows, we disclose our top picks across a number of arbitrary categories!

Our categories include:

  • best games we missed last year
  • best ports or remasters
  • best indies
  • best multiplayer
  • best narrative design
  • best soundtrack
  • best sound design
  • best visual design
  • best games to play on an OLED Switch (from any year)
  • top 3 favourite games
  • our individual games of the year!



Andy – @FlameRoastToast

Andrew – @PlayCritically

Tori – @StwTwo

Edited by:

Craig Windle – @CraigedyCraig / Windmills at Dawn


Craig Windle – @CraigedyCraig / Windmills at Dawn


Snowball Park – Mahito Yokota, Toru Minegishi, Yasuaki Iwata, Koji Kondo (Super Mario 3D World)

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